Watermelon (Dulliegħ) per 5 kg



Finally the wait is over...summer is coming and so our own Watermelons.

One of the tastiest ways to keep cool in summer is to munch on ice-cold watermelon. No summer picnic or day by the beach is complete without watermelon, but there's more to this fruit than its sweet, red center. just cut the watermelon into triangles and eat in hand. There are other ways to enjoy this refreshing fruit! Cut into cubes and tossed in a salad with feta cheese (the sweet and salty really complement each other) is a nice change from the standard bowl of greens. Or slice that watermelon into the traditional triangles but do the unexpected—place them on the grill! The sugar in the fruit caramelizes beautifully and the grill imparts a subtle smokey flavor. Sprinkle with a little spice and serve for a surprising dessert.

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