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A lemon is a bright yellow citrus fruit that is known for its acidic juice. The fruit is harvested during several months of the year with the timing depending on the tree's geographical location. This makes fresh lemons available year-round in many parts of the world. The fruit can be dried, candied, preserved, or juiced and used in drinks or to add tang to a wide range of dishes.

Wash and dry lemons before using in order to remove the outer layer of wax typically sprayed on their surface before shipping. What you do next will depend on your recipe instructions. If it calls for lemon zest, leave the lemon whole and use a zester or extra-fine grater to remove the peel, taking care to only remove the outermost layer and avoid the bitter white pith. You can also remove the peel with a sharp paring knife or vegetable peeler, and use whole or minced.

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