Grape Fruits




Larger than an orange and smaller than a pomelo, the grapefruit is a popular citrus fruit with a thick rind and an assertive sweet, tart, and bitter flavor profile. The stigma of grapefruit as a low-calorie dieting staple has largely faded, as chefs (both traditional and pastry), home cooks, and cocktail specialists have elevated this ingredient on menus, at the dining table, and at the bar.

Peel grapefruit and eat it raw as you would an orange, clementine, pomelo or any other citrus fruit. Remove the membrane before adding to a salad or other sweet or savory dish. Grapefruit pairs well with fish and pork, and can me macerated to make a tart dressing or acidic marinade for ceviche.

Even though grapefruit lacks the sweetness of many of its citrus cousins, it works very well in desserts. Use freshy squeezed juice to make ice cream or sorbet, or candy the peel, chop it up, and sprinkle on top of a glazed cake.

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