Walnuts (Ġewż) halves roasted per kg




The walnut is a popular nut for snacking on whole and the paper-like skin that covers it is also edible. The meat can also be cut up for use in recipes. Chopped nuts can top a salad, fruit bowls, oatmeal, or yogurt. Roasted walnuts make a good addition to granola, vegetable dishes, wraps, and pasta. Finely chopped or ground walnuts are often added to bread, scones, and desserts as well as sauces and dips. Walnut oil is an excellent choice for salad dressings, but not for high heat uses.

Recipes may require chopped or sliced walnuts. You may also want or need to toast walnuts, which enhances their earthy flavor and reduces bitterness. Do this before cutting. Some recipes also call for ground walnuts, which can be done in a food processor. It works best if the nuts are at room temperature and the processor bowl and blades are cool and completely dry.

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