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Cherry Tomatoes per kg



Cherry tomatoes are a small variety of tomato that is named for its shape which resembles a cherry. Sometimes sold on the vine, the vegetable can range from a little smaller than a cherry to about twice the size, and can be red (the most common color), yellow, orange, green, or almost black. These tomatoes are prized by chefs for their juiciness and thin skin, which causes the fruits to pop in your mouth when eaten.

To prepare cherry tomatoes, simply give them a good rinse and drain or carefully pat dry. The tomatoes can be used whole in recipes, cut in half, or chopped. They are frequently eaten raw to maintain their texture and sweet juiciness. Toss them in salads, salsas, or add to a vegetable platter as a snack. Cooked or raw, they make a nice addition to summertime pasta dishes.

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